Urban Lab "Inhabited Island"
new hostel type
motto: For those on the move.

This is a new location format for a new lifestyle. Educational, creative location for new nomads.

And first of all, we create the ability to quickly implement knowledge, self-realization in projects, in startups.

This slogan refers to the slogan of the previous era: "Mobilis in mobile"

(Jules Verne, Captain Nemo)
This slogan is relevant today. This is the embodiment of the spirit of adventurers and discoverers.

However, we supplement it with a new meaning.

We create not only the slogan, but the meaning and spirit of the era. We are creating a new caste - a community of people living in the clouds. Cloud technologies, smart contracts, smart city are the components of the flash mob economy.

Focusing on the new economic and political order, we formulate a new slogan of the era: Mobile Nobility
Mobile Nobility
Focusing on a new lifestyle, we are creating a new infrastructure.

Main components:

1. The bar is like an entry point. The bar is like communication (all revolutions started in bars).

2. Project Gallery - like a metronome. Exposition as a collective desktop.

3. Workbench - a space for assembling teams, typesetting projects.

4. Editorial Board as a project management system. Content management in the full sense. Literature as a way to synchronize communities.
StartupBar like startup
The project can be started immediately after the approval of the concept. Without a radical redesign. To start, it is enough to allocate one room for a media Studio, organize coworking and purchase equipment.
Проект можно стартовать сразу, после утверждения концепции. Без радикальной перепланировки. Для старта достаточно выделить одну комнату под медиастудию, организовать коворкинг и закупить оборудовние.
The main factor is speed. Speed is due to three factors.

1. The project is related to the budget process: currently, strategies and budgets are being approved in all regions of the Russian Federation. This is a good time to introduce your own initiatives in the field of tourism and education.

2. The beginning of the academic year is a good time to create your own network on the basis of universities. In particular, it is necessary to create a partnership project with the Higher school of journalism, which is located on the next street. This is a strategic partnership related to the specifics of the hostel. The second strategic partner is the Academy of national economy, faculty of international relations (also located nearby).

3. The conversion must be performed by the hands of residents, presenting the format in action. We announce a competition among designers and attract a third strategic partner-the Repin Academy of arts.
Проект можно стартовать сразу, после утверждения концепции. Без радикальной перепланировки. Для старта достаточно выделить одну комнату под медиастудию, организовать коворкинг и закупить оборудовние.
Concept. This hostel is located next to unique universities, and this neighborhood must be used. Students and faculty of these universities will be key residents of the hostel and major newsmakers.

The mission of the hostel: educational tourism.

General themes of the hostel:
1. Content management (journalists, bloggers, editors).
2. Design of spaces (first of all-design of campuses, hostels, public educational spaces).
3. International contacts.

Thus, we will ensure the occupancy of the hostel and create the critical infrastructure necessary for the promotion and replication of the project.
Концепция. Данный хостел расположен рядом с уникальными университетами, и это соседство необходимо использовать. Студенты и преподаватели этих университетов будут ключевыми резидентами хостела и основными ньюсмейкерами.

Миссия хостела: образовательный туризм.

Генеральные тематики хостела:
1. Контент-менеджмент (журналисты, блогеры, редакторы).
2. Дизайн пространств (в первую очередь - дизайн кампусов, хостелов, общественных образовательных пространств).
3. Международные связи.

Таким образом мы обеспечим наполняемость хостела и создадим критичную инфраструктуру, необходимую для продвижения и тиражирования проекта.

1. Coordination of the concept.
2. Conclusion of a partnership agreement.
3. Investment in the first stage, completion of the scenario, start of the project.

1. Согласование концепции.
2. Заключение соглашения о партнёрстве.
3. Инвестиции в первый этап, доработка сценария, старт проекта.
Partnership agreement.

Laboratory of urban studies "Inhabited Island" represented by Sergey Antonov and Abraham Lincoln signed an agreement on cooperation in the creation of a network of hostels, campuses and other creative locations on the basis of the core "Adhoc campus", developed by the Laboratory.

The share of participation in the management and income of the Company is determined by the size of the contribution and other agreements of the parties.

The laboratory carries out the development, implementation and author support of the project. The work is based on the project basis.

This ensures a high speed of project implementation and a fundamental opportunity to start it, in the absence of a business plan. Each new stage is designed, marked and presented as an independent project. This allows you to start moving towards the goal defined in the concept from the moment it is approved.

Under each new stage, a startup session is organized on the basis of the created infrastructure of the hostel Marseille.

Соглашение о партнёрстве.

Лаборатория урбанистики "Обитаемый Остров" в лице Антонова Сергея и Авраам Линкольн заключили соглашение о сотрудничестве в создании сети хостелов, кампусов и иных творческих локаций на базе ядра "Adhoc кампус", разработанного Лабораторией.

Доля участия в управлении и доходах Компании определяется размером вклада и иными соглашениями сторон.

Лаборатория осуществляет разработку, внедрение и авторское сопровождение проекта. Работа строится на проектной основе. Это обеспечивает высокую скорость реализации проекта и принципиальную возможность его начать, при полном отсутствии бизнес-плана. Каждый новый этап проектируется, осмечивается и презентуется как самостоятельный проект. Это позволяет начать двигаться к цели, определённой в концепции с момента её утверждения.

Под каждый новый этап организуется стартап-сессия на базе созданной инфраструктуры хостела Марсель.

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